How we work…

Through a solid understanding of your product or service, key differentiators, goals, target market(s) and your competition, we devise and execute demand-generating marketing solutions. Communication is the key to any mutually beneficial relationship so we work with you day in and day out, as a seamless extension to you or the rest of your team.

There are thousands of other marketing and PR firms in the U.S., how are we different?

Experience & Quality

Unlike other agencies that leave small but important details to just out of college or lesser experienced staff members, everything that matters in a winning marketing and PR campaign is done by the principal of our firm, Carol Arnold, who has over 15 years of proven sales, marketing and PR experience.

Small Business Only Clientele

Our clients are 100% small businesses (defined as under 50 employees) so you or our resulting work for you will never be overshadowed by a larger company. Fortune 500 companies need not apply.

Constant Communication

Through daily communication, we work as an extension to your existing staff. We are available to you and the media 7 days a week, 24 hours a day should the need arise. If you call or email us, you can be assured that you will hear back from us immediately. You will never have to wait days for us to return your call.

Newsworthy & Highly Innovative Communications

Thousands of press releases go over the wire everyday and most reporters receive hundreds of media pitches every day, most of which are unnewsworthy and have the same look and feel as the rest. As a result, a very small percentage of these releases are picked up or acted upon by the media. Our creative and fresh perspective delivers newsworthy communications that gets you results – from newsworthy press kits to highly innovative email campaigns. We know what your audience wants and we deliver it!

Affordable & No Limits Pricing

We understand that you are a small, budget-challenged company therefore, our pricing is incredibly affordable to fit your budget. On the PR side, our arrangements are structured as a flat, affordable monthly retainer so that you always know what to expect each month. Unlike other agencies, we do not limit you to a set number of press releases or bylined articles. We write as many press releases and articles as necessary to get you ongoing media coverage. We stop at nothing to get you ongoing exposure and results. Specific pricing varies by size, scope and time involved in execution so contact us for a quote.


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