What we offer…

It’s not about us, it’s about you – you are a busy business professional and we won’t use this opportunity to bore you with how wonderful we are. But, to give you some idea of what we offer, we provide the industry’s best marketing communications and PR services to small to medium sized companies and individuals, who need our services the most but often can’t afford the high cost or the lack of attention from large agencies.

With a firm focus on results combined with our guerrilla marketing and innovative methods, our demand-generating services help to significantly and cost-effectively increase the sales and awareness of companies and individuals all over the U.S.

Our philosophy is simple – marketing does not have to expensive to be effective, it just has to be unique.

Our services include:

• Advertising & Media Planning
• Channel/Partner Marketing
• Direct Marketing
• Event Planning & Marketing
• Positioning/Messaging
• Online & Email Marketing
• Business Development
• Public & Media Relations

Although, we are a full service agency, one of our core services is PR and media relations, which represents one of the most cost-effective and effective ways that small, budget-challenged organizations can increase their business. We have many press contacts both in local markets and nationally throughout the U.S., which has generated millions of impressions for our clients.



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